Why is today (Nov 23) Black Friday?

black friday shopping why is today black friday

Most of us know the term, Black Friday, relates to a Friday falling on the 13th day of any given month. So why is today, Nov 23 being labelled as Black Friday?

Today’s Black Friday relates to shopping and it only occurs once a year, the day after the “Thanksgiving Holiday”, which occurs on the fourth Thursday of November each year.The day has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping period by retailers since the 1960’s. The popularity of the term has been steadily growing since the 1980’s and Black Friday has now become the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States.

Black Friday sales are have been held by American retailers for decades but with the rise of online shopping, we are seeing brands from all over the world capitalising on the day. Retailers commonly have 24 hour flash sales with all the different kinds of discounts and deals you can imagine.

In America, the day has been marred by violence with hundreds of shoppers often physically competing over a limited number of goods. Violence has occurred in stores and even in the long queues before stores open. Controversy also surrounds the time that stores should open their doors. In past decades, stores would open an hour earlier than usual at 8:00 am but over time this has been pushed forward to 7:00 am, 6:00 am and now some retailers open at Midnight.

Did you know: Some retailers even tried to create a “Black Thursday” campaign? The aim was to entice people to come early and escape the busy crowds that people have come to expect during Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday also follows the thanksgiving festival and gives retailers another opportunity to reach buyers and encourage them to snap up a deal before the Christmas break.

In China, where Thanksgiving is not widely recognised, retailers have jumped the Black Friday gun by capitalising onĀ “Singles Day”, which has become China’s equivalent of Black Friday. Singles Day falls around one to two weeks before Thanksgiving on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. The date was originally seen as auspicious for single people to find love, much like Valentines Day but has since grown into a retail frenzy with online giants such as Alibaba, T Mall & Taobao offering generous discounts on this day.

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